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I know that talking to stranger can be quite daunting but it does provide a safe, confidential and nurturing setting for you to be heard. We might feel stuck, helpless or distressed, but change is possible and some people find just a few sessions helpful and growthful. Most of us will reach a moment in our lives when we feel stretched to our limit, vulnerable and less able to cope with everyday challenges.
Whether it be relationships, money, grief, work, or our own behaviour and thoughts that are causing us to feel distressed, there can come a point when the stress is intolerable and we know we need support to deal with the situation.

Psychotherapy or counselling may be an option. Through a shared deep enquiry we begin to recognise rigid patterns of relating and behaving, identify our blind spots and defence mechanisms that can thwart us in our yearning for connectedness and authenticity. Together, you and I can track those aspects which are unhelpful and get in the way - perhaps also their historical origins - and so also learn to widen your capacity for new actions and responses. New neural pathways are formed offering more choices and spontaneity for a healthier, more growthful stance, thus allowing us to become more resilient and motivated as we again take control over our lives.


Over the last few years, many have found it easier to make first contact by email or by text. This has worked very well, and having made contact over the phone, by email or text message, we then agree upon a date where you can tell me what troubles you and where you can also ask me questions about psychotherapy and how I work. I will listen carefully, assessing how I can help you. If we both decide that we want to work together, we shall choose a regular weekly slot to suit us both, discuss the fee you can afford to pay, set the rules of confidentiality and boundaries of time and space, thus creating for you a place of safety and holding. The therapeutic relationship is a unique alliance where you matter and you won't be judged. Instead we shall look together with compassion and curiosity at the "how" and "why" of your situation with you deciding just how deep you want to make that exploration.

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I have had many years of intensive training in different psychotherapeutic modalities and it this that allows me to extend my practice beyond counselling where necessary. Using an integrative approach means that depending on the specific and unique needs of each individual, my work will draw on the most relevant model. These include infant development and attachment theories, Object Relations, Transactional Analysis, Gestalt and Self Psychology.

Sometimes, clients themselves are interested in the underpinning theories and I am also happy to refer you to different sources.

Where finding the right words and talking become difficult, I may also introduce creative tools such as clay, paints and bodywork or use NLP and/or EMDR techniques.

At a deeper level, my aim as an integrative psychotherapist is to enable a person to integrate distressing experiences and states of mind by making sense of them, placing them into context and removing feelings of shame, low self esteem or anxiety that is inhibiting them from believing in themselves and being seen by others. In this way, they become more resilient and also more able to deal with the problems that triggered the distress.

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